• Federated Greek Infrastructures for Future Internet Research
  • 4 Testbeds
  • 5G, Wireless and Wired networking, Cloud Computing
  • Common framework for resource reservation, experiment orchestration and measurement collection
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    HELNET is about the federation of heterogeneous Research Infrastructures in Greece, combined with aimed extensions in order to follow up with the most popular technologies, towards creating a wide scale and user-friendly experimental facility. The targeted technologies include but are not limited to 5G, Wireless and Wired networking, as well as Cloud Computing. HELNET offerings are highlighted in the following points:

    Opportunities for a more integrated view point for carrying out ICT-related research, enabled by the federated experimentation environment, for Greek researchers.

    Attractive and high-skilled environment for international researchers to join Greek research groups.

    Corresponding impact creation, and position improvement in international research and experimentation frameworks.

    Enhancing opportunities for SMEs for collaboration not only in pure research but also in pilot, pre-product activities enabled by the possibility of extended experimentation on a e.g. new application, further strengthened by interactions with international experimenters.




    The objectives of HELNET: